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No Polyester, No spy cameras, no being yelled at. Get the job done and its your restaurant. Listen to your own music of choice on the fabulous kitchen iPod® compatible sound system. You are treated with respect and consideration. You need time off, you get it.

A Little more detail
(I mean this is a website, not a 5 line newspaper ad, so here is more info):

Boomers is a one off, Mom & Pop kind of place. My name is Chris and I own it. Our philosophy here is that we want our guests to be just a little bit happier when they leave, than when they came in. It’s only hamburgers, and we are unlikely to change the world. But we hope some of that incremental happiness we try to provide can create a butterfly effect and make the planet a little bit better place to be.

We are not some national chain with scientific systems and managers who have maxed out their Peter Principle. In fact, there are no managers here. As fun and challenging as working here can be, it certainly isn’t rocket science. So all I ask is that you take pride in your work, that you try your best and take care of Boomer’s as best as you can.

The most important thing in any job is what is the owner’s job description. It sort of defines the place and how working there will be. Well, my job description is the following:


The rationale is simple, if you are happy, the food is good, the service is good and then the customers are happy. Easy.

So: Come work at a place where you won’t mind coming to work! We have all had jobs where we say, “*#@!, I have to go to work!” At Boomer’s we try and have you saying, “Sigh, I have to go to work, but at least I will be with people I like, I won’t be micro-managed by pinheads who have reached the pinnacle of their career aspirations, and I can have as many of the best burgers on the planet as I can eat.”

Fill out and submit the application below. No phone calls please.

Boomer’s Drive-In by Northwest Eateries
Proudly Presents: An Employment Application
As An Equal Opportunity Employer
We Love Everybody!

Fill Out Application Completely!

Who in the Heck are Ya?

You know, like, um, when can you work?

What is your availability on each day of the week?

Position Applying For

So, the position where you go to the beach and play Frisbee has already been filled, so what would you like to do?


I know, I gave it away.


Whatta you wanna do? I dunno, Whatta you wanna do? I dunno, that’s why I asked you. Oh, let’s … no. What? I dunno. Maybe …

Employment Record

By sending the above as application for employment with Boomer’s Drive-In I acknowledge and understand that, if employed, false statements on this application shall be considered sufficient cause for dismissal. I further agree that I will take a physical examination prior to employment if and when requested to do so. I hereby attest that all statements are true to the best of my knowledge and if I have lied, it’s because I am too embarrassed to relate the sordid details of the particular peccadillo.

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