Boomers Gift Cards Make Perfect Gifts

We all have them on our lists, the Boomer’s fan. You know who they are, heck you may be one yourself. They are easily identified by their torment when deciding which burger and milkshake flavor they want to order “this time.” Whether… Read More

Finding a Good Burger When Visiting Bellingham – Boomer’s Drive-In

We recently noticed on Facebook and Twitter that our fans often discover us as they are visiting or passing through Bellingham. It’s exciting to get comments from people returning to their homes and then posting comments on review sites or social media… Read More

Overheard: “Everything’s Good at Boomer’s”

In addition to all the work that goes on behind the counter, we are always checking to make sure your meals at Boomer’s continue to be great. Fortunately, the Internet helps us since there is no shortage of customer review sites like… Read More

Windermere Annual Office Lunch at Boomers

The agents and staff at Bellingham Windermere Real Estate just returned for their annual office lunch at Boomer’s, some in their classic cars. It’s a lot of fun for everyone as the pictures show. Boomer’s Drive-In is great for office lunches. You can… Read More

Bellingham’s Best Ice Cream Cones, Milkshakes, Floats and Sundaes

The weatherman is promising us a brief taste of Northwest Washington summer this weekend as temperatures are expected to get into the 80’s. Hopefully you will be able to get out with family and friends to enjoy this rare occasion. There are… Read More