Boomer’s Burger Haiku

The following awesome haiku-like poem was posted on our bulletin board. Worth sharing!

Boom! go the burgers
And the Carhops will bring them
Where the shakes are the best

by: John Francis

Our customers are so talented!

Happy 25th Anniversary Sale to You!

It's BOOMuaryAlso known as the BOOMuary Sale, Boomer’s is proud to host our 25th Anniversary Sale beginning 11am Monday, January 6th. It will continue until closing February 28th. It’s our way to say thanks to you for trusting your dining dollar to Boomer’s.

That’s two months of all burgers on the menu for only $2.99!! You read that right! Every Burger on the menu is only 2.99. That includes all Chicken Burgers, Hamburgers, Garden Burgers and Fish Burgers. Hard to believe but trust your eyes. This fabulous celebration continues all the way to February 28th, 2013! Eat here everyday!

If you’ve ever been to Boomers during prior BOOMuary sales, you know how busy it gets. So now, more than ever, we strongly advise you to


And we have made it easy to share the Boomers love with your friends and family on Facebook. Simply join the BOOMuary Facebook Event (click the link) and then you can invite everyone to join you.

The fine print: We will not be accepting coupons during the sale but will continue to stamp frequent diner cards and accept free boomer burger cards and gift cards. It’s going to be a great BOOMuary!

The Best Fire Insurance Available

361500321Years ago, the owner of Boomer’s Drive-In got a phone call telling him there was a fire at Boomers. Assuming the worst he raced to the restaurant and when he arrived he found the place surrounded with a whole lot of fire trucks and even more firemen. “That’s not a good sign,” he thought to himself. He parked nearby and waded through all the equipment and personnel only to discover a little fan motor in the back was simply creating a lot of smoke.

Relieved, he asked one of the fireman why they dispatched so much equipment and men. The answer was simply, “We would catch so much hell from everyone in this town if Boomers burned down.”

Good to know.


A Boomers Valentine’s Day

BellinghamValentines at Boomer's Drive-InLast year we put this out on Facebook,

Click ‘Like’ if you would love to go to Boomers with your special someone on Valentine’s Day?

Not only was there a surprising number of  ‘Likes’ but they were all from women. So men take notice. You don’t need to spend a small fortune to make Valentine’s Day special.

Boomer’s is currently in the midst of BOOMuary, the annual sale where every burger on the menu is greatly reduced. So not only can you get the best burgers in Bellingham but enjoy them at a great price too.

Want to drop the hint that you’d love to go to Boomer’s with your special someone on Valentine’s Day? Share this post on Facebook so the picture shows up on your Facebook newsfeed.