Windermere Annual Office Lunch at Boomers

The agents and staff at Bellingham Windermere Real Estate just returned for their annual office lunch at Boomer’s, some in their classic cars. It’s a lot of fun for everyone as the pictures show.

Bellingham Windermere office lunch at Boomer's

Boomer’s Drive-In is great for office lunches. You can come in or even call in your office order and pick it up.

Here’s how to call your order in:

  1. Print or email the Boomer’s Menu to everyone
  2. Write down their orders by name (see below why)
  3. Call in your order before 11:30am (earlier is even better)
  4. Pick up your order by 11:45am (earlier is even better)

If you can provide names, we can bag each person’s order separately and label making it simple to hand them out back at the office.

Pickup some Boomers love for your next lunch meeting or just as a really great morale booster.


Bellingham’s Best Ice Cream Cones, Milkshakes, Floats and Sundaes

Boomer's Ice Cream Cones - Milkshakes - Sundaes - Floats - MaltsThe weatherman is promising us a brief taste of Northwest Washington summer this weekend as temperatures are expected to get into the 80’s. Hopefully you will be able to get out with family and friends to enjoy this rare occasion.

There are so many places to go on days like today. There’s fun to be had playing on and in the water at

Pacific Island’s Best Hamburger Now Served in Bellingham

We told you recently the Boomer’s July Special Burger was delayed as we awaited delivery of a very special main ingredient. Wait no longer! It has arrived.

This month’s (and given this late announcement, it will probably be next month’s too) Special Burger is

The wait is over, almost.

It has arrived! The chief secret ingredient of this (and probably next) month’s Burger Special is in the kitchen. We will announce the Special Burger and the 7 contest winners on Monday. Woohoo!


Love grows among all those burgers and shakes


Two former Boomer’s Drive-In employees sent us their fun and fabulous wedding day pictures and story to share with you.

My husband and I met while working at Boomer’s. Seeing we were still in Bellingham on our wedding day, we had to visit Boomer’s.

“Who knew love could grow among
all those burgers and shakes!”
– Anna W., Boomer’s co-worker

A dear friend and coworker from Boomer’s included that comment in the card she sent us when we got married. I just love that sentiment and the card is still on my fridge two years later.

Rebecca B. & Andrew M.
Carhop and cook 2005-2007 and again in 2009

Married 2010

The complete set of photos can be found in the Media Gallery.