The December Boomer’s Drive-In burger special is made with spicy jalapenos on top of a beef patty complimented by whipped cream cheese and two strips of flavorful bacon, accompanied by crisp lettuce, juicy tomato and tart dill pickle. Warm your self up with this delicious treat!

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It’s back for an encore! After a full month as the October milk shake special, full-flavored Pumpkin returns for another full month as the November milk shake special.

Enjoy this seasonal treat made with hand scooped ice cream from local dairy, Edaleen Dairy.

Carhop tip: Order with a dollop of whip cream!

November’s Boomer’s Drive-In burger special a fried chicken thigh dressed with crispy sweet potato waffle fries and classic cranberry jelly with Boomer’s original (no doubt soon to be world famous) rosemary thyme aioli. Crisp lettuce and juicy tomato accompany this symphony of complementary flavors. This burger is Thanksgiving on a delicious sesame seed bun and best enjoyed with our thick and flavorful pumpkin milkshake.

Check out this and the many other items on the menu by clicking here.

Work is underway to dig up the sidewalk along the Samish Way side of Boomer’s Drive-In as they prepare to improve it and add a crosswalk.

But don’t let a little dust and big equipment keep you from getting your “Boomers” on.

We are still open our regular hours and are approachable from the other side (E Maple Street).



This month’s burger special is …

bloody mary burger

Bloody Mary Burger

You’re in for a spicy fright! A 1/4-lb beef patty topped with bacon and a smoky horseradish cheddar cheese, on top of a bed of crisp lettuce, an extra helping of tart dill pickles, a juicy slice of tomato and a house-made horseradish Bloody Mary spread along with a single pickled asparagus spear! This burger is a dream. 5.99

This month’s milk shake flavor special is …

pumpkin spice milkshake sq


Enjoy this seasonal favorite made with hand-scooped real ice cream from local Edaleen’s Dairy.

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