We’re sorry to say we have run out of the Impossible Burger Patties again.

Impossible Burger company officials say they are confident this will be a short-lived situation. And they have secured financing and taken steps to increase their production capacity.

We will keep you posted on our progress to bring in more.

Over the next week or so (weather dependent), the parking lot around Boomer’s Drive-In will be getting a bit of a makeover. But fear not! We will still be open.

There will be access to spots under the canopy and into the restaurant while the work goes on.

We told you last week about a national shortage of Impossible Burger Patties that Boomer’s Drive-In has been offering as a very popular upgrade option. After going over a week without, we have some good news today.

As promised, we have been working with our suppliers to locate more Impossible Burger Patties so we can continue to upgrade your burgers.

Today, we are excited to announce we did receive some of those elusive Impossible Burger Patties. How long this supply will last is anyone’s guess so if you are missing your burger patty upgrade, you should probably not wait.

Crave those crazy squares? This milk shake is made using the actual General Mill’s cereal for a delicious delight made with hand-scooped ice cream!

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A crispy fried chicken strip between two golden brown waffles. Dressed with smoky maple mayonnaise and a tangy berry sauce, this burger is a Boomer’s twist on a southern classic!

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