It now appears there was some disappointment when we announced November’s Boomer’s Drive-In Bacon Jam and Brie burger special. How could that disappoint? Simply said, it wasn’t the Thanksgiving Fried Chicken Burger many had come to expect and longed for. 

We started getting peppered with requests for the Thanksgiving Fried Chicken (or TFC) Burger and then discovered a “Campaign to back the Boomers Thanksgiving Burger” on Reddit with 30 upvotes.

We are here today to tell you that campaign has been successful but with a slight modification due to product availability challenges.

The TFC Burger is a fried chicken thigh chicken strips dressed with crispy sweet potato waffle fries and classic cranberry jelly with Boomer’s original (no doubt soon to be world famous) rosemary thyme aioli. Crisp lettuce and juicy tomato accompany this symphony of complementary flavors. This burger is Thanksgiving on a delicious sesame seed bun.

Check out this and the many other items on the menu by clicking here.

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