Open Letter to the Community

June 25, 2020

Boomer’s Drive-In is a private family-owned company and, as such, we have not spoken out on social issues that are becoming forefront in today’s society. As we point out on our employment application, “It’s only hamburgers, and we are unlikely to change the world.”  

But this is a uniquely challenging time in our history and we do not want our silence to be misconstrued as tolerance or indifference. Black lives do matter. Racism has no place in our society.  

A stated goal for our company is for our guests to be at least a little bit happier when they leave than when they came in. Every day we strive to make that happen with each and every customer that comes to us.  

We also always strive to treat our employees with respect and consideration while asking them to take pride in their work, always try their best and take care of Boomer’s Drive-In as best as they can. As company owners, we have always seen our job description as, “To make sure that the employees are as happy as possible.” This includes providing a safe work environment free from discrimination, especially for employees who may be associated with or belong to marginalized groups.  

We expect our employees and ourselves to stand for acceptance and inclusion in whatever form it comes in as we carry out our duties.  

Tony & Katy

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