Open letter to the community

June 11, 2020

It was brought to our attention late yesterday (June 10th) that a member of the Boomer’s Drive-In staff scribbled an insult directed at law enforcement on a receipt that went out with meals purchased by local police officers.

We were horrified to learn what had been written on the receipt. That is unacceptable and we are so sorry and feel terrible about how that must have made those officers feel.

We have investigated this incident internally and were able to identify which employee wrote on the receipt and have taken appropriate action. We will also be having a conversation with all employees to remind them how we, as a business and members of the community, will not tolerate insults of any kind toward any of our customers.

We have reached out to the officers who were directly impacted and to the local law enforcement community since we realize they were just as likely impacted.

We greatly appreciate those customers who alerted us to what had happened, providing us with the opportunity to quickly address the issue.

Tony & Katy

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