We realize it seems like anyone with whom you have shared your email address is now bombarding you with emails about what they are doing to minimize the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) that has grabbed the world’s attention. And now, we are going to add to that pile.

Since we are responsible for preparing meals and our staff come in contact with so many customers, we realized our customers and employees have concerns about what they can expect at Boomer’s Drive-In during this time of societal disruption and health-minded diligence. 

Please know we have already provided our employees with additional instruction and the means to maintain a sanitized environment. Being in the food service business, this is and has always been foremost in everyone’s minds. In addition to the norm, for several years now we have adhered to an added regime of sanitizing and disinfecting during the flu season (October to May). We are continuing to do that.

Our employees have been educated on recognizing when they are ill and instructed not to come to work if that occurs. We are anticipating lighter shifts as a result and are planning for that now.

We are expecting many customers will share our concerns and strive for the oft-advised p service under the canopy and you are invited to take advantage of this dining opportunity.

For those choosing to dine in, you will notice fewer tables in the dining room. This is being done to create the appropriate distance between dining customers. that option is not available as of March 16th. The dining room will be open for picking up to-go orders but not for sit-down dining.

To minimize the opportunity for surface transmission, all orders will be served in our to-go bags until further notice. This will minimize the contact employees have with customer-contacted surfaces, thus minimizing the opportunity to spread any possible viruses. To the same end, condiments will be available by request, instead of being available at your table as in the past. This will allow us to sanitize them between uses.

Customers are also encouraged to utilize our online ordering service. This will enable us to prepare your food before you arrive, minimizing your time spent. 

Boomer’s Drive-In food is also available via a third-party delivery service. We are currently partnered with Viking Food. This is another excellent social distancing option while enjoying Boomer’s Drive-In meals. 

We hope this finds you and yours doing well and healthy and we will be doing what we can to keep it that way. We look forward to continuing to serve you, your friends and family and will be available to answer any questions you may have as we travel this new path together.

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