Boomer's Drive-In 2019 Ski to Sea Competitive Open team gets their 1st place awards

The Boomer’s Drive-In competitive open team shaved a minute off their 2018 time to win the overall 2019 Ski to Sea race and the Competitive Open Division. It was a good thing they were a little faster, since the Wenatchee Valley Brewing team was a mere 4 seconds behind to grab 2nd place.

Boomer’s Drive-In Team B blew crossed the finish line about 30 minutes later to take 7th place overall.

This is the 3rd year in a row the Boomer’s Drive-In Competitive Open team has won the Ski to Sea race.

Boomer’s Drive-In Competitive Open team is made up of the following athletes (including brief narratives from team organizer Mischa Burnett):

Brian Gregg (Nordic ski): Brian grew up in the Methow. His twin brother used to race with us, and in addition to being one of the most successful skiers in North America, he’s also a new dad! 
Mike Gifford (downhill ski): So happy Big Mike is returning again this year – he just keeps getting more exuberant about this race and better at it. 
Juan Castillo (run): Juan graduated several years ago from WWU’s cross-country program and yet he is as strong and fast as ever. Like Brian in the ski leg, he only has known what it feels like to have run the fastest or second-fastest time at Ski to Sea. 
Michael Finley (road bike): Mike has a way of always riding well, no matter the terrain, but I think this year he’s feeling especially quick. He’s a middle school teacher and coach and always a super quality dude.
Eric Gerstl and Mike Hammer (canoe): These guys have been the fastest canoe team in the race for the past two years, and I’m hoping they can make it three in a row. 
Steve Dempsey (mountain bike): Steve is the rare former pro rider who can also help you with your investment portfolio. He’s a smart, conscientious and joyful guy — and yet he absolutely knows how to throw down on race day.
Greg Redman (surfski): Greg came highly recommended to me from Nicholas Cryder, who had to bow out of this year’s race. He’s a multiple national-team paddler from Canada and has traveled with the Canadian Olympic team as a physical therapist for over 20 years. He’s lighting up the surfski scene in BC – not unexpected given his chops as a former South African, where the surfski racing is legendary.

Boomer’s Drive-In Competitive Open Team B is made up of the following athletes (including brief narratives from team organizer Mischa Burnett):

Caitlin Gregg (Nordic ski): Like her husband Brian, Caitlyn is a former Olympian and has raced internationally and professionally. I’d be thrilled to have either of them on the Boomer’s team; I’m doubly fortunate to have both!
Calvin Collander (downhill ski): Calvin was the first of us to race on two teams in the same Ski to Sea race, and unbelievably, he placed in the top 10 with us and the top 20 or so with his other team later in the day on the bike. Like his dad, who I used to race against, he’s an animal. 
Michael Molnar (run): Michael and I go way back, and when you need a person to lean on, he’s the man. He does a little bit of everything, from running to cycling to swimming to hiking to coaching youth sports. 
Mischa Burnett (road bike): My training has been more sporadic this winter and spring than I’d have hoped after a fantastic fall of training, but I have assembled this amazing group of people and am excited to be racing this year. 
Greg Blackburn and Scott Decker (canoe): These guys are new to the team and I could not be more happy to have found them. Like Greg Redman, they came highly recommended from a friend whose opinion I trust immensely. In fact, these guys have been screaming fast in the races they’ve done in their native Canada. Both came to marathon canoe racing after very highly successful careers in other sports. 
Roy Colven (cross bike): Here’s a guy I admire for so many reasons. His achievements on and off the bike are remarkable, but it’s his generosity and unassuming nature that I think are highlights. Mike Finley and I stayed at his home in Seattle and can attest to his charitable nature. 
Wes Hammer (surfski):  One of many teachers who have raced under the Boomer’s Drive-In flag, Wes is an easygoing guy off the water who can morph into a beast and race with the top dogs on the water. He’s yet another top-10 athlete on this team and yet another quality human being — just the type of racer I enjoy racing with!

The new Wenatchee Valley Brewing team includes former Boomer’s Drive-In racers Brad Bauer, Jim Bauer and Kent Murdoch.

We at Boomer’s Drive-In are so excited to sponsor such incredible athletes and to have you representing us in every leg of the race.

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