Boomer’s Drive-In has been offering the Impossible Burger Patty for several months now as a plant-based patty alternative that sizzles and sears like real meat.

The response has been huge and as a result we have grown accustom to stocking plenty so we are prepared to handle the demand. But, it could be said the Impossible Burger Patty has become a victim of its own success.

We have been notified of a shortage in supply that the manufacturer will not be able to fill right away. As a result, we are currently out of stock.

This new demand is likely the result of the “new” Impossible Burger.

But there are two things to be hopeful about. 1) We are told this should be a short-term situation and 2) We are working hard to find suppliers who still have some inventory they could direct our way so we can continue to upgrade your patty.

We feel your pain during this shortage and will keep you updated.

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