bloody mary burger

This month’s burger special is …

bloody mary burger

Bloody Mary Burger

You’re in for a spicy fright! A 1/4-lb beef patty topped with bacon and a smoky horseradish cheddar cheese, on top of a bed of crisp lettuce, an extra helping of tart dill pickles, a juicy slice of tomato and a house-made horseradish Bloody Mary spread along with a single pickled asparagus spear! This burger is a dream. 5.99

This month’s milk shake flavor special is …

pumpkin spice milkshake sq


Enjoy this seasonal favorite made with hand-scooped real ice cream from local Edaleen’s Dairy.

Don’t forget your order can be waiting for you when you arrive by ordering online or by using the Boomer’s Drive-In app on your smartphone. Download the app from Google Play (Android) and the iOS App Store (Apple).

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