Boomer’s Drive-In Ski to Sea teams compete in grand style

Once again, the Ski to Sea teams Boomer’s Drive-In is proud to sponsor performed admirably in this year’s race, finishing top of their divisions and high in the standings in the overall race.

While finishing 3rd and 16th overall and first in both their respective divisions, more telling of the ferocity of these teams are some of the obstacles they had to overcome during the race.

For one, on the bike leg, while descending the weaving roadway at breath-taking speeds, competitive open team cyclist, Mike, tumbled and ended up in a ditch. For a normal person, a ride in an ambulance would have been the likely exit from the ditch. But Michael refused assistance, saddled his bike and continued riding, in spite of a severe and painful shoulder injury, keeping his team in the race.

Competitive mixed team canoeists Catherine and Fiona found a huge gash on the side of their boat which forced jumping out and accomplishing a rather involved repair job enabling them to finish the leg keeping their team in the race.

Here are the team rosters, superb athletes each one, which Boomer’s Drive-In is incredibly proud to support.

Competitive Open Team (3rd place overall)

XC Ski – Chad Gregg
Downhill Ski – Mike Gifford
Running – Juan Castillo
Road Bike – Michael Finley
Canoe – Ron Williams & Norman MacDonell
Cyclocross – Steve Dempsey
Kayak – Austin Kieffer

Competitive Mixed Team (16th place overall)

XC Ski – Ella Hall
Downhill Ski – Calvin Collander
Running – Michael Molnar
Road Bike – Mischa Burnett
Canoe – Catherine Trask & Fiona Vincent
Cyclocross – Andi Zolton
Kayak – Nicholas Cryder

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