2016 Anniversary Sale sets records

Tallying up the number of hamburgers, fries, onion rings and milkshakes sold during this year’s Anniversary Sale that happened across January and February this year is, there’s no other phrase for it, mind-boggling.

To put the number of items our cooks cooked and carhops served in more graphical terms:

  • If you laid all the hamburger patties end to end, the line would stretch for just short of 9 miles!
  • A stack of the hamburger buns would reach 17,746 feet high, about 3.35 miles high!
  • Cases of the waffle fries laid out next to each other would stretch across over 3 football fields!
  • A chain of the onion rings would reach nearly 3 miles!
  • Carhops hand-scooped enough hard ice cream for milkshakes to fill a large backyard swimming pool … one scoop at a time!

Every record from the last 26 years of Boomer’s Anniversary Sales was broken.

Thank you, dear customers, for your support and all our employees for their gargantuan efforts to make this happen.

boomers drive-in carhop under the canopy

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