Gluten Free Buns at Boomer’s are a Hit

Boomer's Combo meal - Boomer Burger, waffle fries and a pop.

We know that for many of our Bellingham customers, living gluten free means no Boomer’s Burgers. We’ve heard from many how that is just not acceptable. So starting December 15th, Boomer’s Drive-In will offer a gluten-free bun option as a $1 add-on. But wait, between now and then, you can try them out for FREE!

Gluten-Free Can Taste Great

If you haven’t enjoyed Boomer’s gluten-free buns yet, you owe it to yourself to do so right away so you will know “getting your Boomers on” gluten-free is not only possible but quite delightful!

To quote Lisa O.,

Your gluten free buns are AMAZING! That was the best burger I’ve had since coming back to Bellingham.

Check out our full menu here and when you’ve decided which burger you want to enjoy with a gluten-free bun, CALL IT IN & PICK IT UP! 647-BOOM!


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