Finding a Good Burger When Visiting Bellingham – Boomer’s Drive-In

Travelers at Boomers Drive-InWe recently noticed on Facebook and Twitter that our fans often discover us as they are visiting or passing through Bellingham. It’s exciting to get comments from people returning to their homes and then posting comments on review sites or social media about their memory of coming to Bellingham’s own iconic drive-in burger restaurant.

Often they will say they were simply looking to stop and get a “good burger” and be on their way. We are always ecstatic when we get called out for exceeding that expectation since that really is our goal.

We recently put out the call for where people were visiting from when they first discovered Boomer’s Drive-In. Initial responses were from Las Vegas and Florida. This all got started when a visiting Texan checked in via Foursquare.

Where were you visiting from when you first discovered Boomers?

1 Comments on “Finding a Good Burger When Visiting Bellingham – Boomer’s Drive-In”

  1. My Husband and I came from Port Moody British Columbia when we first discovered Boomers, and we haven’t stopped talking about how great it was ever since. We are now life long fans of Boomers!


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