Boomer’s Burger Special for July!

Boomer's Burger SpecialEvery month, about this time, we announce a delicious and inventive burger concoction as the Boomer’s Burger Special for the month. But being mid-summer and all, we’re running a little slower, being a little bit more distracted and, well, late. We do have the July Boomer’s Special Burger figured out but are waiting on a key ingredient not due to arrive for another week.

But this opens the door for a quick bit of fun.

We can take this time to run a little contest to see

Who can guess the July Boomer’s Burger Special?

The winner will get a free July Boomer’s Burger Special with waffle fries and milkshake. Got your attention?

We have posted clues around the Boomer’s Drive-In web site. After you have perused the whole site and think you know the answer, use the form below to submit your guesses. The correct answer will include all three main ingredients. Winners to be announced when we finally announce the July Boomer’s Burger Special. The first ten correct entries submitted win.

We’re not going to limit this in any way. Submit as many guesses as you’d like. The only requirement for winning is that you will have to come in to collect while the July Boomer’s Burger Special is still being offered (that would be during the month of July for those of you who are just waking up). We reserve the right to substitute your choice of any other menu item if we are unable to serve the special (e.g. we run out of ingredients).

So check around the web site to find those items that might seem a little out of place. There’s only three but when you find them you’ll know the answer.





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    • Nope. There are three ingredients and know that answers submitted in the comments here won’t be counted when we look for the winning entries.


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