Boomer’s 2012 Ski-to Sea Teams

Ski-to-Sea logoFor the past several years, Boomer’s Drive-In has been the proud sponsor of not just one, but now two Ski-to-Sea teams. It’s a great way to promote incredible team efforts and a great international event that pulls competitors from all over the globe.


This year’s Boomer’s Drive-In teams are:  

  • Competitive Open Division team:
    • Sam Naney (Cross-Country Skiing)
    • Mike Gifford (Downhill Skiing)
    • Christian Borg (Running)
    • Damian Hill (Road Bicycle)
    • Graham Smith (Canoe)
    • Ron Williams (Canoe)
    • Steve Dempsey (Mountain Bicycle)
    • Mischa Burnett (Kayak)
  • Competitive Mixed Division team:
    • Justin Carvitto (Cross-Country Skiing)
    • Calvin Collander (Downhill Skiing)
    • Michael Molnar (Running)
    • Michael Finley (Road Bicycle)
    • Barbara Willson (Canoe)
    • Sheila Puga (Canoe)
    • Heather King (Mountain Bicycle)
    • Danielle Burnett (Kayak)

This year’s final statistics have been mangled by the failure of not one but two clocking devices on the course. That said, it’s still obvious both Boomer’s Ski-to-Sea teams did marvelous by finishing far ahead of hundreds of other teams. According to current stats on the Ski-to-Sea web site

  • The Competitive Open Division Team finished
    • 9th Overall
    • 5th in their Division
  • The Competitive Mixed Division Team finishedSki-toSea Competitive Mixed Team - First Place Trophy
    • 26th Overall
    • 1st in their Division (woo hoo!)

We got a wonderful treat from Mischa, captain and founder of the Competitive Open team. He wrote a great blow-by-blow recap of the race for the rest of us:

I’ve been meaning to write ever since race day. It was truly an awesome day, yet again.
The guys all said the weather was warm and clear up on the mountain, with blue skies and great energy. We got off to a good start, even though we had a different skier than last year. He was actually leading the race in the first few minutes, and came across the line 9th (a full 500 teams entered this year). “Big Mike,” who’s been on the team for quite awhile now, then took it from there. The photo of him in the newspaper was one of the best (if you didn’t have someone grab a Herald from that day, I’ll drop the photo insert from race day off for you–we had great print coverage from the Herald!
Our runner is listed as having the fastest split time of the entire day, which would make him our first Top Gun award winner, although a timing problem with the ski and run legs are keeping the race people from calling the results official. Our road biker got the handoff a minute and a half behind another guy, so he worked really hard to catch him and finally did about 8 miles in. They were working together and really hammering it to try to catch another pair of riders way up ahead when yet another group attacked them at the base of a hill, at which point they decided they had to accelerate to stay with the attacking group, even though they were going up the hill (all very intentional on the part of the attacking group). It was too much of a prolonged maximum effort for my good friend Damian, who puked at around this point in the race, so the attackers got away. That’s the first time anything like that has ever happened to him, which is saying something because he races and trains a lot.
Our canoers were pretty incredible guys this year–one of them will turn 72 soon and is a legend in Canada, basically the godfather of the sport in western Canada. They caught 2 boats right at the finish, so our mountain biker got to start right after 2 other guys. He passed them both before handing off to me. As it turns out, their paddlers (both local guys and good friends of mine) were fast enough to catch me on the water, so the three of our teams finished within a minute and a half of each other for 7th, 8th and 9th place overall.
This race is getting incredible for the depth of talent that shows up. A couple top-flight teams from years past–Clipper Canoes and The Bagelry–did not field teams this year, so I thought our chances were good for moving up a little in the overall rankings (even though I had to replace a whopping 5 people from last year’s team), but other new hot teams popped up. I am proud, though, that only 3 teams beat us whose captain is a racer on their team (RB Wick’s Warriors, Klick’s Running and Walking, and Beaver’s Tree Service). Some of the top teams are captained by non-racers.
Danielle’s team just totally rocked, as well. If you’re back in town, you may have seen the newly-done-up display (with the red background–wahoo!), but they finished 26th overall and won the competitive mixed division for the first time. They got all kinds of air time on the radio because their skier was smoking fast (11th!) and the team managed to stay in front of their main rival, CrossFit X, for the entire rest of the day although it was very close between the two teams throughout. Overall, they beat CrossFit X by 7 minutes. Unlike us, they had almost everyone back (7 out of 8 were on last year’s team–which is very hard to do).
So, it was fun to listen to the radio and hear the announcers keep referring to us as one of the regular top teams, along with Barron, Beaver’s and the like. My daughter thinks the B teams are the best ones. 🙂
Thanks again for all your support over the years. It has been a pretty incredible partnership. Going into the restaurant afterward was really cool–one of the gals working in there had been checking the results throughout the day and knew how we had done. We were all really happy with how the race played out for both teams. And those shakes were downright heavenly.  🙂
All the best,


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