I’ll have mine with “Extra Boom” please!

We recently poised this question to our fans on Facebook,

When you order your Boomer’s Burger with “Extra Boom!” what will you get?

Boomer's Drive-In“Extra Boom” is a secret menu item our customers created unbeknownst to us. Over time the car hops have gotten used to hearing it being ordered and it’s become a regular part of the kitchen. But it looks like many of our Facebook fans are still discovering all the great and wonderful things a Boomer’s Drive-In:

Jessica Dawn: heartburn

Tammy Brehm: extra sauce?

Tammy Brehm: lol Onions?

Hollee Estell: Hot sauce. Or wasabi. That’d be awesome.

Hollee Estell: Oh, beans! The boom comes later, in gaseous form.

Tammy Brehm: If it’s a secret menu..How would I know lol

Tammy Brehm: Special sauce?

Mike E. Mason: extra patty?

Suzanne McVey: Ed Sauce!

Vicky Wynne: Waffle fries????

Tammy Brehm: Blue cheese?

Boomers Drive-In: <insert Jeopardy theme song here>

Tammy Brehm: lol

Briana Marie Glover: Jalapeños?!

Mary Wellnitz Schroeder: Bacon?

Jonathan Jorgenson: Chili

Vicky Wynne: Jalepenos and pepper jack cheese???


Do you know? Post your answer in a comment below.

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